Electrical Machines Laboratory contains important machinery and types of equipments such as: Three-phase alternator D.C machine sets, Three-phase synchronous induction motor,Three phase slip-ring induction motor, Three phase squirrel cage induction motor, Three phase double cage induction motor, Three phase pole changing induction motor, Induction machine D.C machine sets, DC motor- amplifying set, Single phase induction motor, Isolated d.c machines, Identical d.c machine sets, Schrage motor, Rotatory converter, Main 3 Phase Slip ring I/M -dc generator set, Single Phase transformer, Three Phase transformer, Single phase and three phase auto-transformer. Loading rheostats and choke coils, DC and ac motor starters, CTs and PTs, DC indicating meters, AC indicating meters, Frequency meters, Analog and digital multimeters, Clip-on meters, Stroboscope, Tachometers, Stopwatches, Synchronizing lamp sets, etc.


Drilling machine, Bench vice, Tool grinding machine, Coil winding machine, Oscilloscopes, Soldering stations, Signal generator, Multimeters, Models of insulators, Machines, etc.


Thyristor modules, Diac modules, Triac modules, Thyristor Converters- Isolation transformers, Autotransformers, Signal generators, Realtime oscilloscopes, DC shunt motors, 3-F induction motors, Pulse generators, Multimeters etc.

Electrical Measurements

Galvanometers, Energy meters, Flux meter, DC volt ratio box, Standard cell, Decade inductors capacitors and resistors, Kelvin’s double bridge, Earth tester, Function generators, Insulation tester, etc.

Systems and Control

Synchro transmitters and receivers, Differential synchro transmitters, AC servomotor, Function generators, Gyroscope and gyro-stabilized platform, magnetic amplifier, Oscilloscopes 15 Mhz. Real-time, etc.

Digital Circuits

Digital circuits trainer kits, Power supply boards for trainer kits, Digital IC tester, Bread boards, Oscilloscopes, Signal generators, IC design kits, regulated power supplies, Voltmeters, Ammeters, multimeters, Digital LCR meter, etc.