National Service Scheme was launched in to the stream of higher Education on September 24th 1969(the birth centenary year of Mahatma Gandhi) by Sri.V.K.R.V Rao then union Education Minister, after very long discussion and deliberation among popular national leaders and eminent educationalists to make education more realistic and community oriented, and to use the youth power to build our society.

Our college got the approval of a new self financing unit no. 520 from the NSS Tech Cell, Kerala on 9 February 2016. Since then we are actively conducting various programmes. 
We are closely associated with the Elakamon grama panchayat.we extend all possible help and service to them whenever they require. Recent project we are associating with the LSG is to make the panchayat digitally literate. It is a project as a part of national digital literacy mission. It is envisaged that people of Local Self Government areas in which the NSS Unit of Technical Cell is situated shall become digitally literate before International Literacy Day on 8th of September 2016. One member from each of the family under the LSG should become digitally literate by attending the exam conducted by the National Digital Literacy Mission.

NSS Motto

“NOT ME BUT YOU” which reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other persons point of view and show consideration of fellow human beings.

NSS volunteer

NSS volunteer who is the main beneficiary of the programme by way of development of his /her perception about the community, skill to perform certain job, develop quality of a leader, organiser and an administrator. This will enable the volunteer to develop his/her personality as a whole. Volunteers get opportunity to watch the community closely and thus gets an experience of human nature in relation to his/her environment.